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Novata is a certified B Corporation that empowers the private markets to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive form of capitalism. Novata’s technology platform makes navigating the ESG landscape simple for private markets by identifying a clear starting point for selecting the metrics that matter, streamlining data collection, and contextualising data to drive reporting and action.
First London office
30 Desks
Self contained to have their own private space
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“Laura and the team at Flux were brilliant from start to finish, which resulted in us finding our perfect office space. Laura understood what we were looking for and only showed us properties that met our criteria, cutting down time spent doing unnecessary viewings. The whole team was on hand to help when questions arose and were available out of hours while we secured the lease. Thank you for making this process so quick and easy.”

Heather Smidmore
Executive Assistant


Bigger space to support business growth.
Access to shared co-working spaces and private meeting rooms.
Ability to make it their own ‘home’.
Modern design with space to facilitate team social events

The Solution

After working with Novata and understanding their desire to move away from hot desking and making the decision to move into their own London office, the team at Flux HQ were on the case to support them with this exciting project.

As this was their first London office, it was very important that we took our time to discuss the possibilities and what was truly important vs ‘nice to haves’. Finding an office that facilitated the space that allowed for collaboration, future growth, a place to host team social events and that had their own private meeting rooms was what we were tasked with finding. We found the perfect space at Copthall House, that ticked all their boxes and even had a cool roof terrace which the team at Novata were excited about, giving them a place to host their summer BBQ’s!

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does an office space broker offer?
An office space broker provides a comprehensive service that includes identifying potential office spaces that meet a client’s specific needs, arranging viewings, negotiating the rental price and lease terms, and assisting with the finalisation of the contract. Brokers leverage their market knowledge and relationships to find the best match and deal for their clients.
What are the costs involved in using a broker's services?
How long does the process take from start to finish?
Do you provide support after the lease is signed?
Can you help with office space expansion or downsizing in the future?
How do you determine which office space is right for my business?
We start by understanding your business's requirements, budget, preferred location, size needs, growth projections, and any specific amenities or services that are important to you. Based on these criteria, we then curate a list of office spaces that align with your business's goals and operational needs. We get to know your brand and culture, to make sure we are advising you in the best way possible.
Can you negotiate lease terms on my behalf?
What kind of lease flexibility can you secure for my business?
How do you stay informed about the best deals on the market?
What differentiates you from other office space brokers?
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