Design & Build

Flux HQ will help you build a place that shows off what your brand is all about, supports your company's goals, and helps your team do their best work.

Design Thinking Workshops

Join these workshops to work out what your brand and culture are really about. Our designers will help you think deeply about what's important for your workspace.

Smart Design and Space Advice

Talk to our design experts to figure out how to make a space that helps your team work better. They'll offer custom layout ideas and smart advice based on what your business needs.

Picking Furniture & Decor

Once the big ideas are in place, choose the furniture and fittings that tell your brand's story. Which pieces feel right to you? What colours show who you are as a company? It's all up to your taste.

From Plan to Reality

Use one of our fitout companies to turn plans into real workspaces. We work closely with you, project managing from the start to make sure everything goes smoothly during the build.

Adding Your Own Touch

Choosing the final touches is your chance to add your personal style. We can help guide you, or you can choose what fits your taste best.

Branding Your Space

Make sure your brand stands out in your space. We offer everything from eye-catching wall features to unique meeting room designs that make a strong impression.


Robust fibre, with back-up lines to keep you online 24/7, we have you covered.

Expert IT & Tech Support

Team up with our IT experts to get the tech setup that your business needs. Work with us for an easy, hassle-free digital environment.

Ongoing IT Care

Count on our IT team to keep your internet and equipment working perfectly.

Project Management

Complete Project Management: Rely on our experienced Project Managers to take care of creating your space. They'll keep you updated, make sure everything is done well and on time, while you focus on what you do best.

Facilities Management

Tailored Support & Care

Get a personal Account Manager who makes sure your workspace fits your needs and grows with your business.

Effortless Facility Management

Our team takes care of everything behind the scenes, from keeping supplies stocked to following strict health and safety rules, to make sure your day goes smoothly.


Enjoy a selection of drinks and snacks to keep your team happy and productive.

Quick Customer Service

Our Customer Support is always ready to help, ensuring you get fast help whenever you need it for a smooth workday.

A Handy App

Use our app to easily manage everything in your workspace, from booking meeting rooms, to building access to customer service office requests.

More Services When You Want Them

Pick from many extra services to make your office culture and employee experience even better. Plant maintenance, party planning, you name it, we can do it!

Arrange a free consultation with one of our expert team and we'll help find your perfect space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does an office space broker offer?
An office space broker provides a comprehensive service that includes identifying potential office spaces that meet a client’s specific needs, arranging viewings, negotiating the rental price and lease terms, and assisting with the finalisation of the contract. Brokers leverage their market knowledge and relationships to find the best match and deal for their clients.
What are the costs involved in using a broker's services?
How long does the process take from start to finish?
Do you provide support after the lease is signed?
Can you help with office space expansion or downsizing in the future?
How do you determine which office space is right for my business?
We start by understanding your business's requirements, budget, preferred location, size needs, growth projections, and any specific amenities or services that are important to you. Based on these criteria, we then curate a list of office spaces that align with your business's goals and operational needs. We get to know your brand and culture, to make sure we are advising you in the best way possible.
Can you negotiate lease terms on my behalf?
What kind of lease flexibility can you secure for my business?
How do you stay informed about the best deals on the market?
What differentiates you from other office space brokers?
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